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Why You Should Clean Your Grill Regularly

Summer is on the way, which means firing up the grill for a tasty summer dinner. Is your grill ready for all that? Here are some simple steps for cleaning your grill and why it’s essential to do so.

Why It’s Important

Properly cleaning your grill does more than preserve the flavor of your food. It’s also a health and safety standard you should want to maintain.

Without proper cleaning, you could miss specific maintenance tasks that keep your grill in working order. You might forget about the burners, hoses, and gas lines if you’re not routinely taking the time to clean your grill. Also, look at the drip pan to ensure it doesn’t overflow and cause a fire hazard.

Bacteria can form in overlooked areas, such as below the burners, leading to mold when the grill sits out in the warm summer heat 24/7. Mold loves grease, so grills are a prime suspect when they go uncleaned for too long.

Start with a Deep Clean

For charcoal grills, first, empty the used charcoal and give the grate a good scrub. Then, clean the inside and outside of the grill with warm, soapy water. A wire brush works well for stuck-on messes. Use a towel on the outside to avoid scratches.

For gas grills, disconnect the gas before cleaning. Next, give the grate a good scrub with your wire brush, then soap and water. Then, you can tackle the barrier above the burners and replace any lava rocks or ceramic briquettes. Finally, clean the inside with your soap and water, then rinse.

Keep It Clean Through the Summer

After every use, give your grill a few minutes to cool down, then follow these steps.

Scrub the grates with your wire brush. For cast–iron grates, rub a little cooking oil on them. For porcelain grates, do not use a wire brush to avoid scratches that lead to rust. Instead, use a towel.

Periodically, dump out the coals, clean the inside with a wire brush, and replace the coals.

Close It Up for Winter

Warm up the grill, then use your wire brush to scrape away food and grease remnants. Once you’ve got as much as you can, use warm soapy water to finish the job. Don’t forget about internal parts such as the drip pan, flame tamers, and warming racks.

Use a sponge with a degreaser or soap and water to remove any leftover grease from the exterior. Finish with a soapy towel and a rinse.

Finally, keep it safe through winter’s elements by placing a cover over the top.

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