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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for Spring Cleaning

You’re probably familiar with ‘spring cleaning,’ but do you know that ‘pre-spring cleaning’ can make this often dreaded seasonal ritual more bearable? There are plenty of areas around your home you can tackle well before the first sign of spring.

First Things First: Spring Cleaning Maintenance

While your spring cleaning list probably focuses on deep cleaning and airing the house out after winter, pre-spring cleaning helps tackle much needed maintenance.

Roof and Gutters - Snow, ice and water can do damage to your gutters and roof during the harsh winter months. Inspect your roof and gutters as soon as winter weather wraps up. Check for loose shingles, clogged downspouts, and other issues. Using a broom or blower, clear debris off the roof and clean gutters to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Doors and Windows - Inspect your windows and doors for leaks and address any issues with weather-stripping and other solutions. This fix will help immediately by keeping out the cold and reducing heating bills. When summer arrives, you’ll stay cooler and save money on your cooling costs. Inspect storm windows and screens for damage and make plans to get them fixed.

Yard and Exterior - If you have a sprinkler system, inspect all valves, lines and sprinkler heads. When you find issues, make plans to have them fixed. Check your outside faucets and pipes to make sure there is no freeze damage, and that everything works properly. If you have outdoor lighting, test the sensors and replace any burnt out bulbs.

HVAC - Maintaining your HVAC unit regularly improves its efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs. Clear any debris that may be on or surrounding your HVAC and change your air filters. Clean the coils and straighten the fins out.

Fire Safety - Test smoke and other detectors in your house. Replace batteries and replace units that won’t work. Give the covers a good cleaning and vacuum any dust build-up inside. Check fire extinguishers to make sure they’re ready for action and vacuum dust around water heater pilot lights.

Pre-Spring Cleaning List

Pre-spring cleaning is all about taking advantage of being stuck in the house during cold weather and minimizing your spring cleaning list. Anything you can clean that doesn’t involve raising windows, opening exterior doors or going outside is fair game.

Declutter First - When you’re prepping for your upcoming spring cleaning, decluttering is essential. Purge and organizing your closets, drawers and other storage areas to clear out as much useless stuff as possible. You’ll feel better while you’re still cooped up and you’ll set the stage for an easier spring cleaning.

Kitchen Clean Up - Kitchen cabinets, drawers and other storage areas are notorious for harboring stuff you never use. Now is the perfect time to reclaim your kitchen. Wipe down walls, remove cobwebs, clean the ceiling fan, light fixtures and cabinet doors. Pull out the fridge, clean and vacuum dust from the coils and compressor. Give your kitchen floors a deep cleaning.

Laundry Room - It’s time to give that neglected laundry room—including the washer and dryer—a good cleaning. Wipe down shelves, counters and cabinet doors. If possible, pull out the washer and dryer and clean behind them. It’s critical to vacuum any lint build-up behind the dryer.

Clean the exterior of your washer and dryer and clean the lint trap. Once you’re done, give the floor a good cleaning and move on.

All the Other Rooms - You’ll be cleaning your living room, den, bedrooms and other rooms many times before spring arrives. But if you take care of some things that aren’t a part of your regular cleaning, your spring cleaning list will be that much shorter.

  • Clean any cobwebs from corners

  • Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures and anything else up high or out of reach

  • Clean switch plates and disinfect them

  • Give the bathroom a deep cleaning

  • In the bedroom, declutter and vacuum or sweep under the bed

  • Spot-clean carpets that are showing stains or dirt

Enjoy the last days of cool weather snuggled up on the couch while you can. When warm weather rolls in, you'll only have a few projects left and a head start on your spring cleaning!

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